Well, actually I almost can say I bought this product because of the packaging. I was walking by the store, and I was a very red apple-like case there. So I walked in, and asked about the product. The salesperson said it’s a moisturiser which has a very rich, gel-like texture designed to moisturise and exfoliate your skin. And I could check that it contains Manuka Honey extract from the wild trees of New Zealand that provide an immunity and anti-bacterial effect. Royal Jelly extract cools down skin troubles, making it good for sensitive skin. Black honey is rich in minerals and amino-acid, which nourishes and moisturises skin. Apple acid ingredients soothes skin while Propolis provides anti-oxidants. Sticky texture relaxes the muscle membrane to give elasticity from the website after purchasing it.

Honestly, I didn’t even need another moisturiser. But I loved the very red apple looking packaging (and loving how it is sitting in my shelf now.) and how the product smelled. It smelled so sweet that I felt like I could eat it. And it says it has anti-bacteria, acne care, nourishing, moisturising, smoothing, and anti-oxidant benefits. So why don’t I buy one?


First of all, about the packaging.. I guess I don’t have to say much more about the packaging since I mentioned how much I love the case. It’s made of plastic, so you won’t have to worry about it being very fragile. I think Tony Moly makes really good-looking packages that catch girls’ eyes. I wouldn’t even buy it if it’s not in this cute case. IT has an extra lid, and a small spatula to scoop up the cosmetic. Which I love about this since I wouldn’t have to worry much about hygiene.

About the texture, it’s like a very stick gel just like honey when you just scoop it from the case, but once you apply it on your face, it’s being absorbed very quickly, and fairly. It says it has apple honey in it, so I guess that makes the texture very sticky and smell very sweet like honey. Not long after you apply it on your face, your skin starts absorbing it, and you will feel that it’s absorbed perfectly. I usually use light texture moisturiser, but it works fine on my skin too. Since it’s kind heavy and sticky comparing to my other moisturisers, I’m using it only at night.

I’ve been using this for a month now, and I can say I love it. Tonymoly cosmetics never let me down. I would definately buy another one after using it.

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